Solutions for Building up Customer's Database

Clever Wifi

Clever WiFi

Give to your customers free WiFi in exchange of their mobile number.
Absolutely free for customer and secure for you.
Get detailed report about who and when is visiting your business.

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Main Features

We offer all standard features that you will expect from a mobile text platform
plus some unique ones that you will not find anywhere else.

Bulk SMS

This tool is designed for sending messages to groups of customers on a regular basis. To use simply:

  • Select the pre-made template or enter the new message text.
  • Select the date and time you wish to have the message sent. This means you can write it in the morning while in work but schedule it to be sent later.
  • Select the groups or simply enter the mobile numbers.
  • Press Send and confirm and you're done!

Company Name as a Sender Name

You Company Name as the Sender

All SMS messages sent through our system can display your company name in the “From” field of the customer's mobile. So instead of customers seeing a simple mobile number they will see your company name allowing you to look more professional and will prevent customers from directly ringing your mobile. The name can be a maximum of 11 characters composed of numbers and letters only.

Appointment Remainders

This feature is designed for any company that uses appointments. It allows you to send SMS reminders to your customers about their appointment 24 hours or 1 week in advance. Helping you to reduce your no-shows.
Templates, Groups and Contacts Manager
If you regularly send the same message you can use the Templates Manager. The templates are easily accessible from within the Bulk, Instant and Telephone Callers features. You can also create groups and add contacts to these groups. This allows you to send messages quickly to a group of customers. This works best for sports clubs, notifying staff or organizing events.

Instant SMS Text Message

Instant SMS

This feature is for companies that want to be able to quickly send an SMS to individual customers or staff members. To use simply:

  • Enter the mobile number or select the number from your contacts.
  • Enter the message text.
  • Press Send.

Marketing campaign response

Marketing Campaign Response

When you send out a promotional SMS you need to know if it had the desired effect. When our SMS and phone system are combined you can see the response to the promotion with reports for percentage call back, number of opt­outs and the distribution of call backs.

SMS Birthday Greetings

SMS Birthdays

This tool allows you to send greetings and special offers to the customers that have their birthday. You can use a template and schedule the message that will be sent automatically.This tool is using the date of birth from the phonebook.

SMS contacts

Phone Book

You can store you customer’s details in a phonebook. You can organise contacts in different groups. You can quickly search across the phonebook using any keyword either name or number.

SMS Voucher System

Voucher System

Create and sent SMS vouchers that are easy to create and send. You can use this tool to redeem the voucher codes.

SMS Replace Placeholders

Customer name auto replacement

Personalise your message by adding each person’s individual name in the message. Just mark where you wish the name to be inserted and the system will automatically insert the name from the phonebook.

SMS scheduler

SMS Sending Scheduler

Setup the messages when it’s convenient for you and schedule when it’s most effective and appropriate.

SMS Templates and Drafts

SMS Templates and Drafts

Reuse the messages by saving them as template. Also as you start setting up the message the system will continuously save it in template so if you can always leave and comeback and finish it later.

Opt out option

SMS Opt-Out

Offer to the recipients of the message a free way to opt-out if they wish, so next time the system will avoid sending them. You can view the list of contacts and when they have opted out.

SMS Auto top up

Balance Auto Top-Up

You can set so your credit balance will auto top-up when it reaches a certain limit so you don’t need to worry about this anymore.

SMS Delivery Reports

Delivery Reports

Get accurate report about how many contacts have received your message and how many did not. The system will also mark the numbers as inactive which have not received the message for a number of times.

Import contacts

Contacts Import

You can easily import your contacts in one go from any source that you have them stored. Usually it is a file in CSV, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB that can be exported from your point of sale, email or phone. We will be happy to help you with that. Also note that we have two ingenious ways to help you automatically gather the numbers from the landline and from the free WiFi that you offer to visitors. For more information please read here.